Please upload clean searchable color pdfs of staff reports and attachments. In particular, the architectural submittals to the Planning Commission are very hard to read when they are black and white scanned images. It is difficult for the community to give or gather feedback when the staff reports are so hard to consume. There are likely several ways to improve this process but at a minimum the staff reports should be searchable, the architectural renderings should be in color, and the pdfs should be original acrobat documents, not scanned files.

For example, the architectural drawings in this document are completely illegible:

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Clerk Clerk, City Clerk and Clerk of the Council admin about 8 years ago

Hi Tiffany - I think this is an excellent idea and one we've been wanting to do for some time. I've asked the City Administrator to work with me to set this as a standard for the delivery of graphic and colorized back up reports and information. I'll update you within 2 weeks on how we move forward.

Tiffany Eng about 8 years ago

Thank you for your response!

LaTonda Simmons, City Clerk admin almost 8 years ago

HI Tiffany - I've spoken with the City Administrator's office to commence this coordination. They've begun requesting digital submissions of these documents, to the extent they are available. Please provide comments on the docs you see and continue to hold us accountable here. Thank you.

Tiffany Eng almost 8 years ago

Thank you!! That is really great news. It will be really nice to just search a document for "parking" (for example) and jump right to where it's mentioned.